Natural Born Grillers

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Gourmet Burger menu: 
All of the below burgers are served in a soft fluffy white roll and topped with oozy cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, crisp shredded lettuce, vine ripened tomatoes and hand cut gherkins.  If you're not a fan of something on the menu just let us know and we'll leave it out.
 The Elvis  
100% ground steak beef patty with a touch of seasoning

Piggy Smalls
Pork, garlic and chorizo patty
Lamb, mint and chilli patty
Our classic steak burger topped off with melted, oozy blue cheese and bacon

Wild boar and apricot

The Who-Lumi
Thick cut golden Halloumi cheese stacked high with fresh salad and fried onions

** All beef, lamb, Pork and Boar that goes into our burgers is outdoor reared free range and from NorfolK** ************All other ingredients are local, organic or fairtrade where possible*****************

All Day Breakfast 

Fluffy white or wholemeal roll with a choice of *thick cut back bacon *sausages *free range eggs & *mushrooms and baked bean ketchup
Only outdoor reared free range Norfolk pork goes into our sausages and bacon.